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class PackedRect

This class describe a rectangle that were added to the map.

You have access to its coordinates either in pixel or normalized (UV)


new PackedRect(root, parent, pos, size)


Name Type Description
root PackedRect
parent PackedRect
pos Vector2


pos : Vector2

@returns the position of this node into the map

contentSize : Size

@returns the size of the rectangle this node handles

UVs : Vector2[]

Compute the UV of the top/left, top/right, bottom/right, bottom/left points of the rectangle this node handles into the map

@returns And array of 4 Vector2, containing UV coordinates for the four corners of the Rectangle into the map


getUVsForCustomSize(customSize) → Vector2[]

You may have allocated the PackedRect using over-provisioning (you allocated more than you need in order to prevent frequent deallocations/reallocations) and then using only a part of the PackRect.

This method will return the UVs for this part by given the custom size of what you really use


Name Type Description
customSize Size must be less/equal to the allocated size, UV will be compute from this

freeContent() → void

Free this rectangle from the map.

Call this method when you no longer need the rectangle to be in the map.