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class GradientColorBrush2D extends LockableBase


new GradientColorBrush2D(color1, color2, translation, rotation, scale, lock)


Name Type Description
color1 Color4
color2 Color4
optional translation Vector2
optional rotation number
optional scale number


color1 : Color4

First color, the blend will start from this color

color2 : Color4

Second color, the blend will end to this color

translation : Vector2

Translation vector to apply on the blend

Default is [0;0]

rotation : number

Rotation in radian to apply to the brush

Default direction of the brush is vertical, you can change this using this property.

Default is 0.

scale : number

Scale factor to apply to the gradient.

Default is 1: no scale.


isTransparent() → boolean

Return true if the brush is transparent, false if it's totally opaque

toString() → string

Return a string describing the brush

static BuildKey(color1, color2, translation, rotation, scale) → string

Build a unique key string for the given parameters


Name Type Description
color1 Color4
color2 Color4
translation Vector2
rotation number