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class DictionaryChanged

Class for the ObservableStringDictionary.onDictionaryChanged observable


action : number

Contain the action that were made on the dictionary, it's one of the DictionaryChanged.xxxAction members.

Note the action's value can be used in the "mask" field of the Observable to only be notified about given action(s)

newItem : { key: string, value: T }

Only valid if the action is newItemAction

removedKey : string

Only valid if the action is removedItemAction

changedItem : { key: string, oldValue: T, newValue: T }

Only valid if the action is itemValueChangedAction

static clearAction : number

The content of the dictionary was totally cleared

static newItemAction : number

A new item was added, the newItem field contains the key/value pair

static removedItemAction : number

An existing item was removed, the removedKey field contains its key

static itemValueChangedAction : number

An existing item had a value change, the changedItem field contains the key/value

static replacedAction : number

The dictionary's content was reset and replaced by the content of another dictionary.

DictionaryChanged contains no further information about this action